Privacy Policy

The company with brand name « Regreenit ΙΚΕ» referenced from now on in this document as «Company» is the owner of the web site with domain name «», referenced from now on in this document as “Site”, offers its services under the below detailed terms of use. The visitor/user of the web site is requested to carefully read all the terms and conditions and proceed with using the site and its services only if he entirely accepts these terms and conditions.


The Company offers to the Site’s visitors/users services that relate to providing information, access to communication tools and advertising. The current services provided and all future services that will be made available at the Site are bound to the terms and conditions of this document unless if explicitly stated otherwise. The visitor/user of the Site’s services accepts entirely and without any objection that the Site’s services and information is offered «as is» and the Company bears no responsibility regarding the deletion, poor performance, failure of electronic storage of user data, as well as any damage (direct or indirect) caused by using the Site. The Site usage is ruled by the provisions of Greek, European and International Law, which are binding for each visitor/user that is obliged to conform to them. The visitor/user is obliged to use the Site services according to the applicable law, moral principles and terms of the current document restraining from any action that might insult other visitors/users or cause problems at the Site’s smooth operation. The Company reserves the exclusive right, and the visitor/user accepts it, to temporarily or permanently stop the Site with or without warning the visitors/users.



The visitor/user who uses the Site’s services should state his full and accurate personal data required for accessing the Site’s services and content as well as to care for keeping them up to date.



The Company makes all efforts, to the extent that the existing technology allows it, in order the Site’s services and content to be available seamlessly and uninterruptedly. The Company bears no responsibility in the event that for whatever reason, including negligence, the Site’s operation is interrupted or access to it becomes problematic. In addition to that, the Company bears no responsibility if, regardless the security mechanisms used, visitors/users’ personal computers are infected with ‘viruses’ or if unsavory individuals affect the Site’s content and operation using malicious software causing problems to its use and smooth operation in general.



The content and information available in the Site are published with the users’ initiative and the users are solely responsible for it. The Company neither guarantees the consistency of the information nor encourages users to perform any particular action. The Company undertakes the task of making available through the Site the content that is generated by the users but does not, in any case, guarantee that its correctness, completeness or availability. Therefore, the visitor/user is using the Site’s services and information exclusively with his own initiative, undertaking the full responsibility of crosschecking and confirming the respective information.



The Company bears no responsibility with regard to the content of the advertisements that are presented at the Site as well as the visitor/user’s communication with third parties being advertised at the Site. Therefore the Company bears no responsibility for any issue that might arise from a potential commercial transaction between the visitor/user and the aforementioned third party being advertised at the Site.



The intellectual property rights of the Site content and services, including but not limited to software, files, texts, classifieds, photos, marks, trademarks and logos as well as the Site lay-out are exclusively owned by the Company and are protected by the Greek, European and International Law with regard to intellectual property. Any content made available by the Site is solely for personal use. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, transfer, alter, resell the Site’s content. Any use of the Site’s content for commercial or other purposes is only allowed after the Company’s written consent. Reproducing, loading, republishing the Site’s content to any media without the Company’s written consent are actions that can consist infringement of the Company’s intellectual property rights. In case of intellectual property right infringement, the Company reserves the right to claim reimbursement for any direct or indirect damage according to the provisions of domestic law. The visitor/user acknowledges and accepts that the submission of any content to be presented at the Site automatically grants the Company the right to utilize it (either as a whole or part of it) for any commercial purpose (either directly by the Company or by third parties contracted by the Company). The user of the Site declares that the trademarks, logos and photos used at the classifieds he is creating do not violate any intellectual property rights. The Company bears no responsibility with regard to the intellectual property of the content of the above trademarks, logos and photos. The user undertakes the responsibility to comply with the above terms with regard to the content he is uploading to the Site and undertakes the full responsibility to cover any damage and legal expenses that might occur in the event of a claim from a third party with regard to the aforementioned trademarks and logos.



The company has the exclusive right to stop the Site’s services and cease access whenever a user violates the terms specified in this document. The user accepts in full and without any objection that the Company reserves the right to remove any content from the Site in case the Company judges, at its own discretion, that the content is illegal, offensive or in general incompliant with the terms and conditions listed in this document.



The Site can contain links to other web sites that the Company neither bears responsibility for their content and services nor guarantees for their continuity and safety. Therefore, for any problem that might arise during the visit/use of the aforementioned web sites the visitor/user needs to contact the respective web sites directly since they have the exclusive responsibility for resolving any potential problem. The Company under no circumstances should be considered that it approves the services and content of the sites and pages that it redirects to or cooperates with them in any manner. For any problem that might arise during visiting the aforementioned web sites, the exclusive responsibility lays on the particular web site’s owner.



General Overview

The Company is responsible for the personal data as a whole as well as the collection and administration of the Site’s visitors/users personal data. Under no circumstances is the Company responsible for any contact or transaction between the Site’s visitors/users and services that are not controlled/owned by the company. The Company collects personal data at the Site, amongst others, at the cases below:


When the visitor/user registers to the Site services

When using the services

When using the Site’s pages

All users are obliged to declare their true and complete data as well as to update accordingly for every change that might occur, supplying the required information so as these data are complete, updated and true. The user accepts and consents that the Company, according to the existing provisions of the according law for personal data protection in force, will process and keep records of personal data that the Company collects during the use of the Site’s pages and services. The personal data will be used to meet the prerequisites of the various services that the Site offers to its users and the provision of information to the users with regard to new offers, products and services.

Detailed Analysis

  1. Data that you supply

Part of our services require additional data in order to be functional. For example, you have to be a registered user in order to be able to save classifieds and receive notifications e.g. in case price drops for a classified amongst the list of your saved classifieds. We save the following data that you insert at the Site’s respective web pages in order to use them for the services we provide


A1. Registered user data

You don’t necessarily have to be a registered user in order to use the Site. However, part of the services we provide (like saving classifieds in favorites and receiving respective notifications) require that you are a registered user. If you decide to register at the Site you will have to enter your email, your phone number, a user name and the location you are at (the location doesn’t have to be accurate). The user name, phone number and location you enter are going to be shown at the classifieds that you might create in the future as the classifieds’ creator data.


In the event that you send a personal interest message for a classified that is listed by a professional, the above data along with your email will be sent to the particular professional in order for him to be able to contact you regarding the classified for which you sent the message for.


We will also use your email in order in order to inform you in case one of your active classifieds is close to expiration, in case you have received a message in our messaging platform which you haven’t yet read or regarding the classifieds that you have selected to receive notifications for. In all cases you can, at all times, stop all kind of notifications from us by just clicking on the respective link that can be found at the end of each notification email sent. Alternatively you can customize your user profile accordingly in order to define what type of notification you wish to receive.


A2. Data published

In the event that you decide to publish a classified at the Site, the classified’s data (along with the photos that you have potentially uploaded) are going to be visible at the Site’s visitors and are going to be shown along with the user name that you have entered, the phone number, your profile picture (in case you have added one) as well as your location.


  1. Data that we collect

When you are using our services we can retrieve data about you and utilize them in order to provide our services.


B1. Cookies Policy

The Company declares and the visitor/user accepts that the Site can use cookies in some of its services. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor/user’s PC during the use of the Site’s services. They usually hold visitor/user data like user name and password in order e.g. during the next visit at the Site the user not to have to resubmit these data to access the Site’s services and also to measure the Site’s traffic. The visitor/user/member of the Site can adjust his browser in a way that it will notify him for the use of cookies in certain pages and services of the Site, or fully block the use of cookies.


B2. Browsing data

All internet services have access to certain data that are sent from your device when using the internet (regardless if you use using desktop, tablet or mobile device). In that respect we are also getting data while you are using the Site. We name them Browsing Data. Browsing Data contains data like your IP address, the type of the device you are using as well as the browser and the operating system. In addition to the above, the web page you are visiting, the web page through which you ended up at the Site, the categories that you searched for at the Site as well as your Cookies. We use these data in order to ensure that our services are functioning continuously and without issues and in order to constantly improve them.

B3. Data we share with third parties

Generally we do not share any of your personal data with third parties. However, in the cases we do this is either done with your consent, or because it is needed in order to be able to provide our services, or because we are obliged to do so by existing provisions of the law.


B4. Service Providers

In order to be able to provide our services, we also get services from companies inside the E.U. For example we use Google Analytics. On occasions we might potentially share some of your personal data with some of these providers, always in a way compatible with our policy.


B5. Proprietary notice

The data you share with us via the usage of the Site usage belong to the Company. However, and at all times, you have the right to request their permanent deletion or edit by sending a respective email to support.



The above terms of use and any subsequent amendment or modification are governed by Greek Law. For any dispute that might arise concerning the use and the Site’s operation in general, it is the national courts that have jurisdiction.



For further clarifications on the terms of use as well as for additional information with regard to the Site, please send email to the address [email protected]